The Korean Silicon Society (KSiS) was founded in December 21, 2011. Its valuable history was originated with the 1st Organosilicon Chemistry Workshop at Gyeongju in 1987, which was organized by a dozen of Korean silicon chemistry researchers.

In 1993 the silicon research community has been supported by the Korea Science Foundation and established the Study Circle for Silicon Based New Materials. After finishing the 26th Organosilicon Chemistry Workshop at May, 2011, the Study Circle started up again as the Korean Silicon Society. 

Aims and objectives of KSiS: 

  • Activation of the silicon research from basic to application 
  • Strengthening an international network related to silicon 
  • Contribution to research, development, and education through the industry-academy-institute cooperation for expansion of science and technology of silicon 

KSiS is implementing projects such as the following. 

  • Organizing symposiums and workshops 
  • Publishing periodical magazine, academic books, and other publications 
  • Global academic exchange between research institutes and academic organizations 
  • Research services and investigation for the growth of related fields 
  • Connection of advisers for the industry-academy-institute cooperation 

In order to promote international exchange, the KSiS is having global partnerships with the silicon societies of Japan, China, and North America.